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Thanks for the fill-ins! Supposed to have demo’d a Cape Horn and a WC today, nice and windy. But, I never heard from the dealer, so still trudging around THT/Boat trader/craigslist.

Cat’s in the budget are a little tougher to find, but makes sense I suppose just based on raw numbers. Anyone have strong opinions on the following?

2002 Pursuit 3070
Engine age has my attention, bottom paint isn’t my favorite, but I’ve heard lots of positives about these boats

2008 HS 2900 VX
Heard maybe even better things about these, but no experience. 2008-era Yamaha engines make me a bit nervous, especially when the dealer just “whistles past” it.

2001 GW 265
Heard about GW, just not specifically this one. Oldest of the bunch, but in the running for the cleanest? Trailerable, solid boat is what comes to mind, but how’s it ride (relatively) and we’re back to engine age concerns

Of note, legendary marine (PCB) has a mid-2000’s GW 300 Marlin, very clean, 2015 Yamaha 300 repower, no gen, $79,000.
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