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Originally Posted by YFMF View Post
Just today I read where NY Governor Cuomo is "BLAMING" Florida for stealing all the NY residents and thus the tax shortfall NY state is now having, something like 2 billion short.

How bout you look in the mirror Mr. Governor and figure out, like your GF, no one gets stolen, you screw up and lose them.
People just don't get it here.

You put your hand on a stove and get burned...do you blame the stove or yourself for putting your hand on the stove? People here get pissed at Trump for eliminating the SALT deductions. He said it best "Get your representatives to lower your taxes." People knew full and well what voting Murphy in would do.

This might be a bilge-worthy statement but here it goes....

Murphy and Cuomo want their states to be a haven for illegals. Period, end of discussion. They don't pay income taxes, they don't pay property taxes (because they rent). Those are the two biggest burdens currently on residents. When the taxpayer base completely leaves, who is going to be footing the states bills? No one. And that's what they're afraid of. It's a stark reality that they hopefully soon come to terms with.

So my fellow NJ residents...keep voting blue...especially in the senate. This is what is going to keep happening.
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