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Originally Posted by mrobertson View Post
Jeremy -

I am very rarely surprised by quality of work on most anything. Call me old fashioned, i like things done right and to my standards. That being said - Steve from Annapolis Fiberglass and Gelcoat did some work for me, and i was very impressed. Not the cheapest, probably not the fastest - but my anal retentive eyes couldn't tell he had ever touched the boat.

Annapolis Gelcoat & Fiberglass Repairs, Maryland

They are mobile - i ended up taking my WorldCat to their shop, only because it was quicker that way.

FWIW - this time of the year, heading into spring, you'll have trouble nailing anyone down.....................everyone racing to get ready for the season leaves them with plenty of work.

Good luck either way


Steve worked on my boat last year to fix another guys screw up. First guy couldn't match the white gelcoat to save his life. Steve knocked it out and it is damn near impossible to tell. He came to my boat that was slipped.

Quality work and very responsive. He's known to be one of the best gelcoat/fiberglass guys in the area and the best Awlgrip painter too.