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Originally Posted by wahoo yahoo View Post
There are two sub families of Tile fish. The sand tile's are the in Malacanthinae sub family. Long slender bodies and usually caught inside 150' or so and not considered that great eating of a fish. You'll usually pick them up when your bottom fishing for triggers and BSB's or Beeliner's. The Latilinae sub family would have the Blueline's and Golden's in it and as typically be caught in much much deeper water. Haven't eaten any Golden's yet but I have had Blueline's a couple times and it was excellent. We are going to give it whirl and deep drop out of Hatteras a a few times this summer to see what happens.
Exactly! Bluelines are good, but the Goldens are definitely my favorite. I think they taste better than the Snowys and that was my favorite fish for a long time.
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