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Originally Posted by IMPLiberty View Post

NY about an hour outside of NYC. I looked at some houses north of $10,000 taxes on $200k houses...

And for anyone saying I win, sadly I lose, big time!

We all lose in NY, downstate at least and Westchester. I'm at $18,500 on a $550K house. $2K of that is village tax, rest of it is town tax. .42 acres and it's a ranch with about 2800 sq ft of living space. Neighborhood is on the water and has a 10 slip marina for the neighborhood association. I can ride my bike to my boat in 30 seconds, I timed it. Only thing that makes me accept the taxes....well and the great schools for my kids.

I will undoubtedly be a FL resident at some point. Need to stay near water, need a boat and need warm weather. When I retire I never want to feel cold again, unless I do it voluntarily for recreation.

I for one, will never have any opinion about FL needing to be like NY or say one damn thing about how things are done in NY.....I will absolutely relish in anything Florida when I end up there. No desire to have anything be like NY at all, especially by that point in life.
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