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Originally Posted by km1125 View Post
This almost falls into the category of "grow your own". You see what's going on there and almost have control of it. The question is really for those that have to purchase at the store. Are you comfortable that anything marked 'organic' or 'certified organic' is close to the stuff you're buying from that farm?
To some degree, yes. I know how much farmers invest in trying to obtain USDA certification. It's expensive and time consuming. Once they have that certification, they have an incentive to follow the rules so that they keep it. We've got at least two certified organic farms in my community, and the farmers who do it are serious about it. My farmer calls it his "labor of love" (and he's no softy liberal tree hugger). The other big organic farmer in our community is sort of an eccentric guy who very much believes in what he's doing, and produces some amazing and unique crops (he grows kale, beets, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, and various herbs, among other things). Neither of these guys are getting rich growing organic crops.

My farmer grows some produce, but he mostly grows organic cotton that he processes for use in vaping/e-cigarettes, organic soy beans, and organic sweet corn and feed corn (he mills the feed corn into organic stone ground cornmeal and grits at his own mill).

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