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Originally Posted by Delduck View Post
My wife and I live in northern Deleware we own a buisness in this state and have a place in lower deleware. We love the taxes here. we also have a few wetland marshes in southern NJ we bought years ago for waterfowl hunting and lease approximately 2,000 ac of farmland, the taxes on the marsh are approximately $1,000 per year and during high tide itís under water, low tide itís mud flats. The taxes on the farmland arenít too bad but itís farmed assessed which helps considerably. We would love to move to jersey on one of the farms but could not afford it with a 2,000sq ft house the taxes on the house would be $8,000 alone. Deleware is a great state but a lot of northern Jersey and New Yorkers moving in because of our taxes and tax free shopping.
Not to break your balls but at least the people from Jersey know how to spell DELAWARE
I'm not one to correct people's selling because it not my strong point either
But you SHOULD know how to spell the state you live in
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