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However biggest thing that helped us was our Son, he is 6 yrs older than his sister and he was always protective of her and looked out for her. IF ROSS did not like them they did not stay around long, made our job very easy
That is a big help/comfort. Our son is 2.5 yrs older. He went to ECU but our daughter stayed local and went to community college for dental hygiene. She liked to ride down to ECU on the weekends and stay with friends and sometimes party with her brother and his friends. Once they were going somewhere and there weren't enough seats. One of his buddies said you can sit in my lap. My son was in front seat and jumped out and said I don't think so. She sat in her brothers lap instead. Even when they were not together in Greenville they always checked in with each other and always knew where the other was. They fought when young but became very close as they got older.

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