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Originally Posted by wdkerek View Post
I told my now son-in-law................"good luck". My little girl can damn well handle herself.
Same here and also added. DO NOT BRING HER BACK TO ME, I ain’t Walmart when you can return stuff LOL

Seriously we could not have handpicked a better Son in Law or Daughter in Law, both are truly like our own kids

Honeslty I worried more about my SON as a teenager than our daughter, I am telling you some of these gals will get knocked up on purpose to get out of their situation . Admiral and breathed a sigh of relief when he parted ways with couple girls he dated but Admiral was always very blunt with him to “Cover it up and do not take any chances”

However biggest thing that helped us was our Son, he is 6 yrs older than his sister and he was always protective of her and looked out for her. IF ROSS did not like them they did not stay around long, made our job very easy

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