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. Iíve no room nor reason to be a brand snob, but whatís the difference in a WC, Pro Kat, Glacier Bay, Ameracat, etc., etc?

Fit and finish / hull design

WC super fit and finish - show room nice - well built - great ride

Pro Cat - Iím not as familiar but have seen a lot of older ones looking good and still doing their job

Glacier Bay Iím not a fan. Real funny action in side sea or quarter sea. Well built less fit and finish than WC-full displacement hull

Americat well built less fit and finish more of a fishing boat better ride than the others. Lower price point

Twin Vee well built, less fit and finish than all above but better ride also. Much lower price point. Iíve had 2 and canít complain especially for the money. In my 31 I run 3-4 ft seas at 35mph. Everyone in boat is dry and comfortable while I relax and drive with 1 foot. Literally....

Im not an expert but best I can tell the wider sponson boats have better ride but are slower. Something to do with full / semi displacement. All have had year models better than others. As always have a full professional assessment done before purchasing a used boat and test drive it in some decent seas so you know what to expect. None of the cats listed are going to slam down like a mono. They just donít do it from my experience. I got stuck in solid 5ís with some 7ís mixed in while on my 26 and never got beat up. I could only go 13-18 mph but we never had a problem or were uncomfortable. (Iím not choosing to do it again either) Iíll fish solid 4ís in my 31

my 2 cents. Hope it helps
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