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Originally Posted by natenez View Post
i have a 19í open aluminum jet sled, and I want to install a wash down pump in it this year. Have a few questions.

first, does anyone have a recommendation for make/model for the pump? Reviews Iíve seen online are generally negative.

second, Iíve been told to put the through hull in the transom, near the drain plug. And to use a plastic through hull fitting. Does that seem right?

third, should I put a seacock on the through hull? If so how is that done, since the through hull hitting looks like it is designed to take a plastic hose not another component?

what type of plastic hose to run between through hull and pump?

anything else I need or should be aware of?

thanks much
I can't recommend one pump over another.
Plastic fitting because if you use a metal one on an aluminum hull, it may cause galvanic corrosion.
You should have a sea cock to shut off any thru hull penetration below the waterline. If it were my boat, I'd buy the whole thru hull and valve setup from Forespar.
Search the threads here to learn about not mixing different thread types. Thru hulls have straight threads so the flange nut can travel the entire length. Ball haves have tapered threads. The don't mix. You can install a thread to barb fitting in the valve and attach a good quality hose to it and mount the pump up higher. This type of pump will self prime. Ask the person at West marine to recommend the hose. Get all stainless steel clamps. Some have steel screws that rust. If a magnet sticks to them, then they're not the proper stainless alloy.
Piece of cake.

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