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I think (if you ever found yourself on one) that an Ameracat just won't suit your needs; but they are a Cat and do ride nice.
If you haven't done it yet, find a way to hitch a ride on a Glacier Bay or WC Express Cabin.
It comes down to personal taste - any 28' WC express or Glacier Bay is going to ride as nice, if not better than a non-cabin 30'CC.
Heavier, wider 30' cuddy's or express cabin mono hulls will ride as soft as a mono can possibly be (and as close as possible to a 2'-3' shorter Cat), but you tend to give up a little on gph...some care, some don't.
Some prefer/need the slightly shallower draft of the Cat over the mono.
I tend to fish 4+ guys, so an express cabin for me means almost everyone in the cockpit at all times, so longer or beamier would be necessary;
Other folks get to have the Admiral as their fishing buddy, or maybe only one or two other guys at a time, so an express isn't an issue.