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Originally Posted by dtdutch View Post
Planning our trip for 3/16-3/21 to Abacos. Most likely staying in Treasure Cay. Dads and older boys are boating from LWI to West End. The girls and younger kids will take Ferry from Fort Lauderdale to Freeport.

Would love recommendations on whether to have them taxi or shuttle to us at the west end, OR should we pick them up on the boat in Freeport and cut through Grand Lacayan Waterway? The option of the girls riding with us isnít happening so letís leave that off the table.

Navionics autoroutes me from Freeport back to West End and around the North and I want to make sure Iím not missing something. Looks shorter to cut through the waterway and run north to the channel but perhaps thereís backtracking required that Iím not seeing.
I ran through the waterway last summer, but like you say autoroute has you going around for some reason. There was no problems cutting through just follow the markers exiting to the N side. Unfortunately the crossing was a better ride than running around on the bank for my trip. It blew a solid SE-25. It was one long wet ride to Treasure. Lol
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