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TwinVee - my statement sounded a little more “down” on sea hunt than I intended. By all accounts, I’ve heard they are well made boats, and certainly capable. That’s why they’re on the list! (Along with Sportsman.) I guess my point was more in longevity and how they hold up as a brand overall. There are a LOT of Contenders and Cape Horns that are 20 years old and, when well kept, have been repowered and still run like a new boat. I just wonder what will happen to a hard fished lower priced brand at the same points. Honest question - the answer may very well be “exactly the same thing.”

Still looking at cat options, but I know so little about them I’m having a tough time figuring out what to look for. I’ve no room nor reason to be a brand snob, but what’s the difference in a WC, Pro Kat, Glacier Bay, Ameracat, etc., etc?

Island, great insight, and thanks! Pursuits are definitely on the list, they’re just kinda like a Grady in that I’m riding the thin line of having to buy so old to stay within budget (because they’re good, high demand boats) that I find myself worrying that I’m about to step into something that is someone else’s project or they’re dumping it for a reason. (Mid 2000’s Yamaha outboards, for example, with corrosion problems.)

Gonna try and look at a Hydrasports Vector 29 walkaround if I can get back over to Mobile soon. I hear great things about the hulls and ride, and she’s a beast of a boat as far as measurements are concerned. Add those to the list!

So, still leaning towards a cabin boat, but CC’s are open as well.