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Originally Posted by HookMeUpII View Post
There are areas where you can still find reasonable homes. One thing you have to realize is south NJ has the highest taxes per percentage of assessed value. It's just that the homes are assessed way lower. For example, Woodlynn Twp in Camden county has a 7% tax rate. However, the average tax bill is like $5k.

My house is close to $400k and I pay $8k a year in taxes. Still too much in my opinion but I'm grateful all things considered. My house, one county over, would be $11k.
I've seen these low property taxes in many case mainly due to a home not having been reassessed after major renovations but eventually it catches up.
My son moved into his home 10 years ago and renovated two bathrooms and entire kitchen with removals of walls to enlarge it. The building inspectors finished with final inspections and signed off on permits.
Then about 7 years later the tax assessor came a calling and his property tax went up from $8400 to just over $11500.

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