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Does the 12 year old understand, I mean REALLY understand why you don't want her around this boy? Children tend to act the way you treat them - I've learned this the hard way.

Lots of different ways you can play this. If you can't rationalize with the 12 year old, you need to talk with the boy. For me... with my kids... my POV is that I have nothing to loose that I won't exchange for their well-being. That puts me in a near psychotic advantage because there is no level of fear. If the 15 year old feels that I value the benefit of my 12 year old more than I value his life or my own, the 15 year old will go find a 12 year old that, sadly, doesn't have the same advantage. Get that 12 year old into some activities and fill her life with joy an accomplishment. Yes, at 12, the hormones are going bonkers... but there are ways to work through all of that in a sensible way. A 15 year old boy isn't it. IMHO.
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