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I did not read anyone's reply until I finished my post. I can however tell you that you are traveling down my exact road! My stepdaughter was two when I married her mother. At 15, this same thing happened. Go over to a TRUSTED friends house who I knew the dad! I had no idea there was an older brother that didn't live 24yo!! I did the door removal, the phone removal and everything you stated! Fast forward...he finally is in jail on drug charges, she is in a halfway house and us...we adopted our FOUR grandchildren!! It's hard to deal with stepdaughters when I think deep down they resent you not being the real dad and even blame you for it! I feel for you but the harder you push against it, the harder they will defy you. Have her checked at the doc and see if it's too late. The Volusia county nor state attorney would not take the case even after we had a sherif in our home doing a recorded phone call! The law SUCKS in Florida for this! Any of you keyboard warriors wanna call bullshit on the law not helping, you are welcome to come and read all of our reports!

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