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Originally Posted by signmansez View Post
Only thing left to tax is your parking lot or driveway!

Here's a thought...how about finding creative ways to cut costs???

I was born in Jersey and have family still living there. I agree out west there is seom beautiful rural areas. Unfrotunately none of my family lives there. Thus if we visit we have to visit in Secaucus, East Rutherford or Tom's River (not too bad).

Get a kick out of people defending NJ. My family all does it...until they come visit us at the beach in Florida. Then they are wondering how they can get out!
I tell them it's usually terrible here. "The bugs make it so you can't go outside" is the line that works the best. Then I pepper it with the humidity and the foreigners. That usually gets them back on their Jet Blue flight back to lovely Newark, NJ. OLOLOLOLOLOLLLL
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