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Default Bunk types for catamarans

this is my first time posting and appreciate any insight to my questions. I have a 36 Aquila Catamaran on a lift which has two vertical bunks for each keel. We cannot get the hulls to evenly sit on the two bunks it always favora the outboard bunks. The hulls are assymetrical and i believe the outside of the hullhas a more pronounced curve than the inside. Several people have told me to just replace them with flat bunks and several people have said dont use flat bunks. Of course each has many different and often conflict8ng reasons for their opinions. After a few months of use it clearly looks like the outer bunks have taken on a curved shape that conforms to the hull side. The inner bunks however are still pretty straight with contact just in the middle. My next step is to move the inner bunks in a few inches in the hope they two take on the shape of the hull and hopefully the boat weight will better distributed. This could all be the wrong way of going about it so I am reaching out to all for comments and advice. Attached are two pictures that show the bunks and the shape the outboard bunks have taken on after 2-3 months of use.
Thanks in advance.