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Originally Posted by NCSUboater View Post
I don't think UF has ever come up in any discussion with regards to hiring engineering candidates based on the school. Actually...that goes for the entire SEC except for probably Vanderbilt.

Not a knock on the school, just saying it'll have no effects on his future job prospects. What I want to see is a co-op or internship, and possibly involvement in some sort of University sponsored club related to engineering.

But if you haven't done a co-op or internship, I throw your resume right in the trash. It's more important for engineering than pretty much any other study.

So my advice is to not worry about WHICH school, but instead make sure he has a quality co-op...and he needs to kick a$$ at it. Either they will then hire him out of school, or it will serve as a golden reference for landing that first job. And he also needs to seriously consider being in a leadership position on something like the motorsports or aerial robotics team...whatever he's into. I did this and it not only allowed my land my co-op job based on the network I developed outside of school as part of the team, the two combined landed me my first job out of college.

He has to do a co-op or internship. Period.
Yeah that killed me coming out of school cause I went home to work for my Dad every summer instead of interning and wanted to finish in 4 years so didn't co-op (which back then typically extended our time in school to 5 years). Had to get help from a family friend to get my first job.
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