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Originally Posted by aj06bolt12r View Post
Long Story Warning

So my girlfriend and I have been living together for 10 years now. Not married, neither of us think it is necessary.
She has 2 daughters who may as well be my own. I have been helping to raise them since they were 2 and 5. Now 12 and 15.

The 12 year old has managed to get herself into a "relationship" with a 15 year old boy from another school about an hour away from where we live. The daughter of a close family friend is close friends with this boy. When the 12 year old would go see the family friend I guess the boy was around and that is how this got started. It must have escalated to where it is now via talking on the phone, snapchat what have you.

In any case one day my girlfriend is getting ready to leave for work one morning and she goes and checks on her daughters and finds this boy sleeping in the bed with the 12 year old! She freaks out and throws the boy out of the house and wakes me up. We contact his adopted mother and let her know what is happening. Severely ground the 12 year old and take away all means she has of contacting the boy. She is defiant, says they love each-other and will never give up on him... yada yada.

Our mistake was not monitoring her device closely enough. She is 12 and we had no idea she was even interested in such a relationship already. But that was a serious mistake, I get that. She now has zero access to any electronics whatsoever. The door has been removed from her room. The windows in her room are permanently locked and cannot be opened without power tools or breaking the glass.

Several months go by with no contact that we know of between her and the boy. The 12 year old is finally starting to come around and act normal again, not so depressed and angry and hung up on this boy. Things seem to be heading in the right direction.

But then we get a phone call from the boys mother in the middle of a week night. She says the boy stole her car and she thinks he is headed to our house to try to see the 12 year old. 12 year old has no idea that this is going on. Sure enough at about 1am the outside dogs start barking and run around the house towards the outside of 12yr olds window. I grab a spotlight and sneak outside and get to the corner of the house. I look in the direction that the dogs are looking and fire up the spotlight. Sure enough there is this boy. He takes of running for the road about 200 yards away. I take off after him but immediately loose one of my shoes. Then I have to take off the other one to run correctly. By this time I have no hope of catching this kid, hes a quick little shit. He had parked in the street near my driveway. He hops in the car and takes off.

So this is the second time he has attempted to break into my house that I know of. I can see his muddy shoe prints on top of my AC unit where he was trying to get into the window. Good thing the window could not be opened. I have no idea what this kid is capable of at this point.

We called the cops this time and told them everything. They basically said there was absolutely nothing they could do because the kid is a minor. Even if I caught the boy and held him for the cops they wouldn't be able to do anything but return him to his parents.

The boys mother adopted him and several other kids. She is like 70 years old and not equipped to handle this boy. She says she is going to try to get him help. I have little confidence in this.

The cops will do nothing. They already said so. What are my options? I know hindsight is 20-20 but what would you do going forward. I cant think of anything that doesn't risk me going to jail... that helps noone long term. Any lawyers reading this that know of any options?

This is taking place in Middle Tennessee by the way.
The cops likely do have the power to do something. Like another poster said, run it up the chain of command / contact the DA's office. I don't see why he cant be trespassed from your property and arrested. The question is can you get a no-contact restraining order on behalf of your daughter? I dont know how that works.
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