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Originally Posted by 10buddy View Post
Hate to tell you I am the costomer. True and True I am a costomer that just got tired off a product that I have bought get run down on social media. Is it so bad that I am very happy with Willis? Pics will come you will see Suzie and myself with the boat and the boat whenever we learn to post pic. I did take the low ground on another post that I am not proud of, but I stand by my words as I own what I wrote Thanks high ground from here on out promise. Have a good day PS I have poor grammer but it got me through the US Air Force and Army Natiinal Guard. Also my poor grammer has worked to develope several successful buisness.
I promise it wasn't the grammar that got you through, something else maybe, but your success is most likely in spite of the poor grammar, not because of it. Regardless, thank you for your service.
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