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1390 SAT is excellent, the 26 ACT is not. Also a 4.0 weighted is not that great these days. For engineering anywhere he goes employers will know he is a smart kid. No doubt if you get into a great engineering school it matters but if its not tier one its doesnt matter as much as he gets the degree.

Entrance into college these days can be a crap shoot even for exc students. I have 2 daughters who never got a B in their life ( over 5.0 weighted)) , 32 ACT, 1500 SAT (760 M, 740 V), pres and vp of student council, went to States in 2 different sports, capt of all their sports teams-- didnt get into 1 Ivy. They were beautiful white rich girls from a suburban private school. You need to have a struggle, be from a particular group they are seeking, or be extremely unique these days to get into the top schools.

I have several family members that went to MIT, Harvard, Columbia, a brother that is a professor at MIT but times have changed. State schools like UF are like getting into an IVY of yesteryear.
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