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Originally Posted by Ahoy Vay View Post

1600? Think that is probably about 10,000 short if talking total school.

You are correct, my numbers were a bit 2018, 40,849 applied and 11, 741 got accepted to the fall semester. Curious as to what the 2019 numbers will be when published.

During the weekend, 14,866 students received acceptance letters from the University of Florida, getting the opportunity to be part of UF’s class of 2022.

The school received 40,849 applications and admitted 36 percent of applicants, it announced Monday. Of those, 11,741 were admitted for the fall 2018 semester, and 3,125 were admitted for the summer B 2018 semester.

The Innovation Academy, which offers students classes in the spring 2019 semester and leaves fall semesters open for study abroad or internship opportunities, admitted 649 students, and 2,271 students were admitted to the university’s Pathway to Campus Enrollment program, which starts students in online courses before allowing them to become a residential student once they’ve received 60 credit hours.

The university has an enrollment goal of 6,400 students for fall and summer B semesters combined, meaning 57 percent of accepted students likely won’t enroll at UF.

Of admitted students, the average high school weighted GPA is 4.4. The middle 50 percent GPA span is 4.2 to 4.6. The average SAT score is 1364, with the middle 50 percent span between 1300 and 1440, and the average ACT score is 30 with the middle 50 percent span between 29 and 33.

Last year, UF received 35,000 applications and admitted 13,366, or 38 percent of applicants, not including the 983 Innovation Academy students accepted.

Florida State University reported that it received more than 48,000 first-year applications for admission to the 2018 summer and fall semesters before the first round of decisions that were released Jan. 25.

That number is already ahead of last year’s record total of 41,411 applications for first-year admission to the Tallahassee campus. The final round of decisions for first-year applicants will be announced March 29.

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