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Originally Posted by Diverboy View Post
I went to UF from 85-90 and have a good friend that graduated from UF medical school and is currently the director of a busy ER....we both agree that we could not get into UF today as a freshman. ER doc friends daughter is a senior in HS this year and applied to UF, along with a few other schools and she has always been in AP classes, 4.0 or higher, volunteer work, couple of years of foreign language, etc and didn't get accepted to UF. On thing to mention is that every person that has an AA degree will automatically be accepted to UF as a junior.......go to community college or another 4 yr university, get an AA and transfer to UF if that is the ultimate goal. Getting accepted to the engineering program once the school transfers you in as an AA degree holder may be another story. I think something like just over 20,000 people applied to UF for this years incoming fall freshman class and they only accepted shame in not getting accepted, many highly qualified people got turned away.
1600? Think that is probably about 10,000 short if talking total school.

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