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Originally Posted by captbone View Post
Proud FSU graduate here.

Dont discount the pricy private schools. The aid and merit package can get the cost down.

Go go to the best school you can get into if you are getting a real degree and not women’s studies.


Even if the school would cost $100k more, in the next 50 years of working, the MIT brand will easily get you more. My advice is look again at Purdue. The long term benefit is much bigger.
there's *some* truth to this, but it's not solely based on the school's name / brand. here's the ROI list:

networking is definitely an important component for career success. larger universities tend to have larger, stronger networks. however, it only takes one good referral to get you in the door; after that, it's all on the candidate to interview well (like someone mentioned earlier in this thread).

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