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Originally Posted by alligatorgar View Post
This is part of diversity, inclusion and integration of people. Tolerance and acceptance are working itís way into our society. Look as far as your tv, radio, school, go to a wedding, listen to the music, watch the dance moves, your Uber driver/taxi driver, police, fireman, nurse.

This is is where we disagree. I feel songs like this are divisive, not inclusive and separate America. They attempt to bring up a culture by bringing down another.

E. Plurabus Enum = Out of many, One.

I personally feel the diversity focus hurts America instead of focusing on us all being Americans. We should be one nation.

I also feel that this negative culture is what stops people from advancing. It is not the hardware, it the software that is the issue.

Why do a disproportionately amount of Asians succeed in this country over all others?