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My Daughter is 18 now. I would NEVER ask that question. Its a useless. I do ask, "Where are you taking her tonight?" and remind him of her curfew. Any answer to that question at her age and younger would just be a lie anyhow. NOW I DO ASK my daughter, "What are your intentions with that boy?"

On the cleaning the gun thing, Abby was about 15 and a boy came to pick her up and I was cleaning one of my older guns, it actually was not intentional, I just had been to the range that day. Of course when the bell rang I thought I would take advantage of the situation..... NOPE, kid knew older guns! He was excited to see it, knew all about it and we actually talked about guns for about 10 min while my wife and daughter gave me the evil eye.... OF course, because I liked him, She didn't. But thats how it works.
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