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Originally Posted by Cuttem View Post
People are really bad at reading comprehension on this site, guy was just asking a question. And yes we see atleast one out of Fourchon on almost every trip. Hamma job where is this abundance of tuna at? I sure havenít seen that the past few years. Only saw one good school in 6 trips last year and we fished almost every rig in GC on those trips. Year before was mediocre at best. Green canyon used to be all the 60-80lbers you wanted.
You're proving my point that Commercial fishing pressure has nothing to do with abundance. We have about 20% reduction of the domestic fleet annually for last 4 years. I know for a fact that between amendment 7 and the weak hook requirement a couple of years before that, the GOM is at about 50% capacity vs 6 years ago. People need to stop blaming local abundance of pelagic fish on fishing and more on the fact that they are wide ranging and have tails. These aren't snappers and shouldn't be treated as such.
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