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Blue Fury
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A lot of good inputs. I'd prefer to stay with Contender, looking at a 2008 33T with twin 300 yamahas.

I would never buy a twin about a horrible deck layout for the 26', they don't carry any fuel really... Ameracat is OK, WC, GB are ok too. Cant afford a freeman 34VH so ya...

On my mako I used a 50 gallon ATL fuel locker (still have it) and I would burn the bladder on the way out then switch to the tanks...It got old for sure, because the only place I could put it was on my fish box.

The 27T i was looking at holds 265 gallons of fuel, found a 25 open by my house with new 175 suzukis that holds 245 gallons.
Yes, contenders in the early 2000s had lots of tank issues so that is another thing to consider...

I'm paranoid about Fountains because they ride not so good unless they are doing 40 plus mph, you sure can't run 40 in 3' seas in that boat without feeling like you're going to get ejected... I've been in a 38' a few times to the shelf.
the good part is with that boat we're running 45-50 mph getting .9 mpg if weather allows.

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