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My, things change sometimes. Not necessarily a bad thing. The missus and I went over to the Mobile boat show this weekend, and then had a bit of a re-channel of where we want to go with a boat at this point.

- Budget remains the same
- Center consoles are back on the list. Still need to have a design that allows a porto potti, but that’s a pretty broad base
- Climbed all over a world cat for the first time, these are definitely on the list. Going out on one this week. Problem is, I’m not sure if it was impressive because of the concept, or because it was a 1/4 million dollar 32 footer. Sheesh.
- On the contrary, we are also maybe leaning to buy the newest example of the best boat our budget gets us in the “now” and maybe thinking big boat later? Inboards are out, and we’re even going back to a dealer to walk around our first love (Cape Horn) which happens to also have the World Cats.
- Somewhat hesitant about a trial on the WC. Even if I like it, budget is budget and it’s still a plastic boat, they seem to be pretty pricey. (Of course, so are Contenders and I still look at some and wonder where you’re supposed to sit.) We’ll see.

So, outboard CC/WA or cat, highest quality within the budget, and throttling back on the size of the boat we need now, the boat show was a good “get focused” point as far as boat buying, for now. 5 years from now may be different, but for where we live, if it says Cape Horn, Sea Hunt, Grady, Contender on the side of it, it will sell if it was a mistake for us. (No, I don’t think sea hunt is the same quality as Cape Horn or Contender, just a reflection of the market.)