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Originally Posted by km1125 View Post
Thanks for posting that. It doesn't answer the question of " Which posted speed does it apply to on an expressway...the minimum or maximum? ". I wonder how that's handled on the interstates.

5 mph is absurdly slow. Do you think ANYONE does that when passing a cop who's pulled someone over in a subdivision or other side street?

I also notice it includes sanitation vehicles and utility service vehicles... do people really slow down 20 MPH under the limit when passing them too?? Seems like very selective enforcement on this particular law.
The limit is the maximum speed, hence “limit.” The minimum speed is just that ... a minimum speed.

You might feel that 5 mph in a 25 mph zone is absurdly low, so that probably tells me that your spouse is not a law enforcement officer. Alternately, I might actually agree with you on this as it was probably more expedient to write the legislation this way because 15 mph is probably a reasonable minimum for a posted zone of 35 mph or less.

Nobody has even addressed the issue regarding the move over law in this thread yet you feel it’s selective enforcement. Please let me know why you believe that it is selective and if you feel it is skewed toward sanitation vehicles, utility service vehicles or emergency vehicles, which could be fire rescue, ambulance or police vehicles.

Note that the word LIMIT applies to the maximum and not the minimum

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