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Originally Posted by anonymous_coward View Post
Are you a business owner autobaun70? If so and you are one of the ones low-balling your income to avoid your federal tax obligation, I can certainly understand your concerns with the likes of me bringing this fraud to light. If you are not a business owner, then you need to quit kissing these guys butts and join the movement. South Carolina Fair Tax ? Fixing Tax Collection
Jeez, does this office clerk ever quit? "Lowballling" your income? Like you just write in whatever you feel like? He has no clue whatsoever. It's not like the IRS doesnt look at the business and what they pay to who and just forget to compare that with individual return or anything. And it's just so much fun when your accountants give you all the forms to sign and you first see what the business paid in taxes then what you've got to pay yourself on the little that's left for you. Kinda like you pay tax twice on the same money?
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