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Originally Posted by alloyboy View Post
If a dealer has all of the work he can handle while working solely on equipment that he has sold, why is he an asshole for refusing to work on equipment that he did not sell? Seems to me that he is doing what he can to put his customers (those that supported him) at the head of the pack.

Are you suggesting that all customers are equal? They are. It is just that some customers are more equal than other customers.
Yeah but some will schedule the work and say it's gonna be weeks til they can get to it and others will say no we can't help you you shouldve bought from us. What if someone relocated for work and is new to the area and that was not possible? What if their next boat they would have bought from them and now they have a sour taste and they lost a future sale. Some dealers are so vindictive. I patiently have waited for service being given a low priority because I did not buy originally from a dealer only to have them do shit work or overbill / overestimate as a way to shove it in my face. They will come crying begging for business during the next recession I am sure.
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