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Originally Posted by OldPete View Post
Was just reading an article... people are very upset that their income tax return is going to be much smaller this year!

You see, if their total withholding was $5000 and they would get a $2000 refund. They were happy.

Apparently, now their total withholding was $3000 and they are only getting a $1000 refund and they are angry that they are getting $1k less.

I was floored.
I have never understood how people can think it's a good idea to overpay their taxes and be glad when the government gives it back. Just had an employee increase his federal withholding because his return was too low; I suggested he put the money in his savings account and give it to himself next year. His answer was he didn't have a saving's account and if he put it in his bank account he would spend it. He's not in the 401K plan because he "can't afford it" I don't think he's going to be happy when he retires.
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