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Originally Posted by Aliboy View Post
I agree with all that about the dealers etc taking advantage of the boating boom. I hate it, but it is what we have to deal with. Whether the manufacturers are hard or easy to deal with or whether there are lot's of under funded dealers etc I don't know. Probably a bit of all of it I imagine.
I agree its a bit of everything I think. I should not have to be bothering the CEO of a major boat manufacturer or engine manufacturer. The typical customer does not have those contacts nor how to engage them. Its wild that on my last two boats I had to escalate that far up. I have a buddy who bought a very expensive boat from another manufacturer and had to do the same as he was not getting anywhere he had to phone the CEO (and once he had a convo they started bending over backwards, letting him choose a yard, and sending them payment ahead of the work or working out a direct payment with some $$ up front, some half-way, and some at completion). I am not talking waiting a week to try to solve something. Its months of getting nowhere, escalating through normal channels, etc. End of the day, I think my experiences have only been on the more positive side because of the escalations I had to make to receive service that should've been delivered from the get-go. My current boat manufacturer recognized that, apologized, and said they wish the process had been smoother from the beginning. Apparently they fired one of their dealers and no longer allow them to carry their brand (not as a direct result of me but because of multiple people having the same types of issues). On my next purchase, I feel as though upfront, I have to make sure I get the CEOs contact information should there be a problem down the road, and that is absurd. If I was that CEO I would not want to be bothered and would want to fix whatever is going on downstream to prevent issues from getting so bad as they require my direct involvement. The saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease is very true. And there is a fine line between exhausting escalations and bad mouthing and another fine line between legal threats. As we've seen on THT, some do respond to social media and some don't and most do not respond to legal threats. I had to bite my tongue, be patient, and work with all parties towards a resolution and in the end I am glad I stuck with it.
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