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So by this theory, if you buy a boat and then get transferred for work or just decide to move somewhere else, you basically have no warranty help. I worked at a boat dealer, truth is that boat warranties are pretty much worthless. The dealers HATE it (unless its in the sale process). They have to bill the manufacturer, who are not in a hurry to oay it. Warranty is not a big profit center for boat dealers, whereas the opposite is tru for car dealers. Hell look at the Jupiter and Crevalle threads on here and see how hard manufacturers try to fight warranty claims wheb even us amatures can look at pics on the web and see there is ckearly a defect. I would prefer to buy used and repower or deal factory direct, as people think they are covered with this great warranty only to find out its worthless half of the time, and usually seems most worthless when they really need it. The problem is usually with the manufacturers and not the dealers, some make it easy to process the dealer’s claims and get paid fast, others it is ver difficult, have to send the invoices over several times, wait forever to get paid.

I think many dealers get pre-approvals and from what I understand most manufacturers will pay the pre-approved amount immediately to the dealer before the work is even done. If while doing the work its taking longer than expected or a problem arises, the dealer can contact the manufacturer to discuss and get additional approval or some may opt to complete the job and attempt to recoup funds after completion. A manufacturer shouldn't have to pay for a dealer to figure out how to do something standard that any regular service person should know. That should come out of their training budget / administrative overhead built into their high hourly fees and unfortunately I see it as a common theme all the time that they are learning how to do something while billing a customer. I.e. I recently had to pay 2 hours to a volvo dealer for them to figure out how to turn on their computer and plug it in and they still couldnt figure it out after two hours so I said stop I am not paying for you guys to figure this out and they said thats how it works they bill for whatever time it takes.

In terms of boat builders and cost of warranties, many of them will set aside a certain percentage, and I believe it goes in a separate account or is tracked so they cannot assume it as profits until the warranty expires. For example, on a 500k boat, they might set aside 10% or $50k for warranty related work. I think the marine industry needs a big overhaul or its headed down a bad path. That means manufacturers having better support/networks/training available. Dealers hiring qualified workers or investing in training workers, doing quality work, not overbilling/overestimating, and really making boat ownership a positive experience overall. I can't tell you how many times I've been to a dealer and in chatting with the staff working on my boat or another boat I find they are brand new, have no boat experience, are learning right then and there, etc. In my 15 years of boat ownership, the go to mechanic I had for a few of my boats knew his stuff. He could get to the root cause, hear a sound know what part to replace, not throw thousands of dollars at parts trying to chase something but unfortunately retired. I shared the story of one yard replacing over $10k over parts because they heard a sound, my boat was out of service for 8 weeks in the middle of summer, and they still couldn't figure it out. I brought it next to to the guy I previously mentioned and he listened and knew exactly what the sound was and had it fixed in an hour. I think we are all in for a rude awakening!

PS. I disagree that boat service is not a big profit center. For dealers that employ qualified people as their own employees, it can be a TREMENDOUS profit center. For those that sub-contract all work out, they probably just break even, but that is the model they have chosen and maybe they should re-think their business or the manufacturer should've checked into them better before allowing them to sell their line with no real service staff.

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