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Originally Posted by anonymous_coward View Post
I guess I am kind of jealous how people like you have no qualms about saddling our country with $22T in debt yet I would feel guilt. Don't you feel bad about leaching off the tax payer?
Slow your role there boss man. You don't know crap about me. Yes, I have a small business, and yes I take every legal tax deduction available to me as set forth by government of the United States of America. Not a thing wrong with that, so to answer your question...no I don't feel bad.

As far as "leaching off the taxpayer"...well, if by that you mean paying more in taxes per year than alot of Americans make, then yeah I suppose I'm a parasite. My wife and I both have full-time salaried jobs at large companies....so don't worry, we don't start working for ourselves until about May.

You post this nonsense in every thread that you feel is even remotely related, and I will respond the same way every time. Small businesses and the self employed are not the reason for our dire debt situation. Government mismanagement of money, and entitlements are the big players. This country's economy RUNS on the back of the self employed and small businesses.

The federal tax code is carefully set up to be a series of incentives. It's up to you to understand them and take advantage as best you can.
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