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Originally Posted by silver01 View Post
Problem is that the people putting on the boat show dont own the land, so they are not the property owners. Once again thank the liberal courts.
Yes, an absolute thank you to those with sound minds to say that you cannot go anywhere you want with a gun just pecause you passed a test and got a permit. If not taking a gun to a boat show makes you nervous, please stay home. I for one wouldnt want to go to a place where everyone was carrying a firearm and drinking and jumping around from boat to boat, waiting in long lines for food & drink, or busses to tet back to there cars. Arguments start and next thing you know there is a shot fired. I feel very sorry for you that you are in constant fear that you are about to be attacked that you have to be ready to shoot someone at any time. You are a prisoner without even knowing it. I appreciate the rule that no firearms are allowed at venues like this.
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