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Originally Posted by Aliboy View Post
Really the issue is more with the manufacturer than the dealer. They screw the dealer down on warranty repair labor costs and the dealer is asking himself why he should be turning away better paying work to fix a boat that they haven't made a dime off. If some guy in the next state is selling the same boats at at discount because they haven't go the same expensive overheads or staff wages or whatever it is, the local dealer is going to quickly get sick of losing money with a stream of those boats choking up his yard and labor.
Is it though? It could be a vicious cycle of manufacturers not being easy to deal with/paying or dealers jacking up their labor rates and overestimating things like crazy. I was just in the middle of such a battle.

During the recession dealers were begging for business/work, rates were more reasonable, as were their estimates. Now I am seeing a common theme: I think there is more greediness, people looking to make a money grab, etc. Boating has become much more expensive than it was only a few years ago. I feel like the level of quality of work has gone down. Finding someone that really knows their stuff and has experience is challenging and I think its only going to get worse. Heck, I used to pay places to do most everything on my boats. Now I am finding myself doing most everything myself and only utilizing when there is a problem I cannot solve exceeding my level of comfort, abilities, or I don't have the equipment necessary. I waxed my boat for the first time just recently and I have been a boat owner for almost 15 years.
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