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Originally Posted by bms1939 View Post
Maybe you should share your frustrations with the manufacturer.

Manufacturers often give you ridiculous times for repairs on top of a discounted rate. They also want to supply the parts or expect you to take a minimal markup from your parts inventory. As mentioned above the dealer has to wait a long time to be paid for their warranty work. This forces the dealer to dip into their own pocket to pay their employees and the parts tab until they’re paid for the job.

If you don’t believe these issues with the manufacturers are forcing them to implement these policies just ask them yourself.

You hit the nail on the head on the ridiculous flat rate schedules. On one of our prominent vendors we have to double the the flat rate time to give our tech’s a realistic chance of actually making money on flat rate. So if the job pays 1 hour @ 105 an hour, we pay our tech 2 hours regardless of how long it takes him.
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