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Originally Posted by CLVL View Post
Having owned a 246 Prowler, it's not going to make those 100 mile rides easily off the TX Gulf coast. I fish the same waters as I think you do, and will tell you the Prowler is an excellent inshore/light offshore boat, but not one I was comfortable being 100 miles offshore (others may have a different opinion). Also some 246s came with twin 60 gallon tanks and some with twin 80 gallon tanks so even at 2 mpg with 4 strokes and the 80 gallon tanks, I think you would be at a 280-290 mile round trip range coming back on fumes,(no 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 rule) or following the 1/3,1/3, 1/3 rule you would have ~215 mile round trip range which would barely get you where you want to be (no better probably than your Mako)... I can also tell you that it rides nowhere close as well as my CH31, and I prefer my 27 Lightning over it as well.

In the 26'-28' boat range, tops on my list for monohulls would be the Angler 2600, Contender 25 open, Intrepid 26, Jupiter 26, McKee 28, Southport 27 - I'm sure I'm leaving out some, but 22-24 deg deep vee.CCs. All of these probably get 2+ mpg with 4 strokes and probably have 200 gallon tanks giving you lots of range. Going up in length, you start trading increased fuel capacity for lower mpg so there's a trade off to be balanced - little more range, more safety, better ride but more costly to run.
Not a bad list, some 25 opens do have 250 gallons but most have less then 200 and they all tend to have tank problems. The McKee is for sure a good choice, but hard to find. I have been looking at the Southports, think they would work.
My Angler 2600cc does have a 200 galllon tank and works for this type of fishing. We carry 2-3 15gallon race cans, they hold 18-19 gallons each. With them and the Suzuki 200s we have a true 500 mile range. I do not like gasoline in bladders. We fish out far often, and can say from first hand experience caring fuel on deck no matter how you do it gets old fast.

If it was not for work, all be it a very good thing for my future. Would have already bought the 34 Fountain Fox Yachts has for sale @ 94k. Fox does have an Angler 2600cc for sale also, cheap. But looks like it has been sitting up for some time, no coffin box and would need 10-15k in Eltcs to do what we do. Also triler is way to small for it, the hull alone weighs in at 5300lbs, loaded to fish close to 10k. That trailer will not make it, so buyer beware.

Fox Yacht Sales-Four Gulf Coast Locations (Port Aransas, TX)

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