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Really the issue is more with the manufacturer than the dealer. They screw the dealer down on warranty repair labor costs and the dealer is asking himself why he should be turning away better paying work to fix a boat that they haven't made a dime off. If some guy in the next state is selling the same boats at at discount because they haven't go the same expensive overheads or staff wages or whatever it is, the local dealer is going to quickly get sick of losing money with a stream of those boats choking up his yard and labor.

I have been in this situation in the past and you start off trying to be the good guy and fix the boat. Then you wait for weeks or months to get paid by the factory and waste hours with documentation etc. Then the boat owner comes back with 'just a few more things' and you have to do the investigation to determine if they are warranty or owner error/abuse issues. Send the info to the factory for approval to fix and suddenly you are in the middle of a fight between the owner and the factory. Then the dealer fitted pump or electronics or trim tabs etc don't work and the owner expects you to look after him. Telling him to go back to his selling dealer several hours or days away suddenly gets you abused - "but you guys are the same dealer network for brand X aren't you...". "I was told to go to any dealer.." So it goes on..... And through all of this you are working a what is really less than a full cost recovery rate by the time you add in all the overheads. Boats aren't always that simple and whilst I would expect a lot from the factory and dealership that sells one to me, no one else owes me a thing.
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