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Having owned a 246 Prowler, it's not going to make those 100 mile rides easily off the TX Gulf coast. I fish the same waters as I think you do, and will tell you the Prowler is an excellent inshore/light offshore boat, but not one I was comfortable being 100 miles offshore (others may have a different opinion). Also some 246s came with twin 60 gallon tanks and some with twin 80 gallon tanks so even at 2 mpg with 4 strokes and the 80 gallon tanks, I think you would be at a 280-290 mile round trip range coming back on fumes,(no 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 rule) or following the 1/3,1/3, 1/3 rule you would have ~215 mile round trip range which would barely get you where you want to be (no better probably than your Mako)... I can also tell you that it rides nowhere close as well as my CH31, and I prefer my 27 Lightning over it as well.

In the 26'-28' boat range, tops on my list for monohulls would be the Angler 2600, Contender 25 open, Intrepid 26, Jupiter 26, McKee 28, Southport 27 - I'm sure I'm leaving out some, but 22-24 deg deep vee.CCs. All of these probably get 2+ mpg with 4 strokes and probably have 200 gallon tanks giving you lots of range. Going up in length, you start trading increased fuel capacity for lower mpg so there's a trade off to be balanced - little more range, more safety, better ride but more costly to run.