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Originally Posted by fireisland1 View Post
If you are a dealer for the boat builder then you must warranty their product. If you are not a dealer or a piece of added equipment then the owner must find one. There were some premium dealers here there would not sell you a boat outside their area . It was to prevent warranty issues but also protected the dealer from preventing the buyer from shopping around. Not really fare but I understand it. The local dealer has to take care of the problems so he should make the sale.
Sez who? Are you sure that this is every agreements between every boat builder and every boat dealer?

Now if there is such as agreement, and if the boat dealer is being forced by a boat builder to do warranty work on a boat that was not sold by the boat dealer, would you as a customer want to have your boat worked on by that dealer?

Dealer "OK, damn it I will work on your boat. Park it over there under that shedding oak tree. It is now February but I will try to get to it by the end of the year. I will call you when I am done. Don't be calling me to find out the status. It will be done when it gets done."
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