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Originally Posted by sarivers View Post
When I bought my ticket and took about 10 steps inside the gate there was a huge no firearms allowed sign.
And that sign should have been outside, or at least in view, before you entered the ticket booth. The sign must be where you see it before entering...not once you enter. I've had that argument with someone carrying before when I asked that they leave and not return until they decided not to carry.

Actually had to go all remedial on that particular embarrassment to society and point to the sign clearly posted on the wall right at the spot where they get their hand stamped to enter. And before anyone jumps me because I didn't allow was a national franchise AND a kids restaurant...I had no choice. In my own business I usually just ask what they are carrying and go about my day.

And you're only considered a hillbilly in NC when you're up in 'dem hills. Otherwise you're a hick. SC still has the record for rednecks.

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