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Originally Posted by paler View Post
My boat, a Kevlacat 2000, was completely filled with foam at the factory. It has a sealed deck with no compartments underneath.

After I ripped the floor out to replace it, I also removed the foam. I am considering to make some below deck storage with access hatches.

At the moment, I am concerned with the following:

- does the foam contribute to any structural reinforcement?
- will removing the bulkhead shown below affect structure?

I have been advised that the only reason that boats under 20 feet are foam filled us due to a USCG requirement. I cannot attest to that. Regardless I am overseas and do not need to comply with such regulation.

In case of emergency I have a Viking rescue raft. So the issue at hand is regarding structural integrity.

If I remove this bulkhead there will be room for dry storage or kill box.

If it is removed the unsupported span fwd to aft is almost equal to the fuel tank´s area span, around 44".

The bulkhead is quite thin, around 1/8
I have just had a closer look at your photo of the bulkheads. You have bigger fuel tanks than what I have and hence one less bulkhead.
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