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We're almost in the same situ B., except mine hasn't sold yet, but that hasn't stopped me from window shopping.
We just have to assume 2'-3' minimum around here and be thankful when we get less.
So I was thinking the same thing, 28'-30' LOA on a mono, with at least 175gal tank, preferably more like 250gal.
A large, deep V mono is def better than what we've had; Contender, Intrepid, Jupiter, Regulator, etc..., but I find myself leaning more and more toward a Cat w/every passing week.
I don't think a Prowler 246 is big enough for consistent 100mile runs (I could be wrong, since I've never ridden on one..yet), but I know a 28'+ <any manufacture> Cat would cover the bases, to include the occasional (fall/winter) Floater trip, I've just heard that the bigger the Cat, the larger the PIA it is to haul/launch and I need the ability to drop it in anywhere from Galvez to South Padre.
I'd really love to get on a 25' Prowler I emailed them a while back (no response), as to actual differences between the 246 & 25, as the 246 comes on the market more often.
I've been on 25' SeaCat, 28' WC, 30' WC and 34' Freeman...there is no comparison in cruising comfort to a comparably sized or even slight larger mono and typically better range w/same size tanks, but you usually give up fish locker space and the run & gun scenario that a well powered mono provides.
Our typical 2'-3' on a 25' Cat and we cruised @ 22-27kts in comfort. I've been on 30' monos in same conditions and got the occasional slap/pound...not a lot and not enough to jar the spine in to submission, but there was zero pound in the 5' shorter Cat. yes, driving skills, trim, wind, head vs following, play a role, but done it enough to know Cat will always ride softer.
I really like the WC 270TE, but have no doubt that a good day at the Floaters would mean cutting sickles off of YFT at some point. My preference for the 270TE is the same reason for interest in the Prowler- I love the walk-thru transom/ladder setup; fighting, restroom, kids, dog, spearfishing, etc...
Tough decision, but I think you've got it narrowed down pretty well.
Just don't ignore a Jupiter, Sailfish, or ever-elusive Triton. I'll keep my eyes/ears out for you.
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