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Originally Posted by bikem View Post
The whole thing is a mess. I heard the dam and lock system need billions in repair and the lakes cost a lot to maintain. Because of losses and lawsuits Santee Cooper has sold the lakes to a private company. The state is trying to make the private company spend a huge amount of money to build some sort of river system instead of restoring the lock because of the decreasing numbers of some rare stirgun that won't use the lock. The private company is threatening to drain the lakes if they force them to do that. My info may be off but thats the just of it. Also locals should have already received a credit from the power company for the rate increases to cover the nuclear plant. Mine was about $400.00
The Santee lakes, Marion and Moultrie, have not been sold....yet. There is a possibility that a private entity will take over the day-to-day operations, but for now, it is still state owned. The likelihood of the system being drained is very remote.