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Originally Posted by km1125 View Post
This part:
" Westinghouse bought thousands of hand-machined nuts that cost $114 each, rather than sturdier, off-the-shelf nuts that retailed for $2.20, according to The Post and Courier. There was a reason for that: Westinghouse got to charge 15 percent overhead on everything it spent. Every thousand nuts meant $17,100 in revenue for the company, rather than the $330 it would have collected if it used the cheaper version. "

That might be a dramatic oversimplification, but if it's close to the truth wouldn't that be some kind of fraud that someone should go to jail for?
Without knowing what system the nuts were going into it is a dramatic oversimplification. When we are talking about the high energy systems of a nuclear power plant the nuts from Lowe’s won’t cut it.